Joy House

Joy House in Nairobi, Kenya was founded by Isaac Okumu, an inspired and passionate individual who is owner of Village Life Safari. It is a school within the Mukuru slums. LWCC found this project via a volunteer, Dorothy Schwartz, who subsequently became a board member of the fund. Since that time, more than one year ago, LWCC has been working and communicating with Isaac to support and improve the school  which serves among the poorest and neediest of children, many of whom are orphans, in Nairobi.

The Mukuru Slums has a population of over half a million people with very limited access to clean water, sanitation, education and medical facilities. Crime, drugs, prostitution, abortions and many other vices are the order of the day. It is a normal thing to find a premature baby aborted and thrown along the pathways where robberies and drugs are a persistent problem.

Joy House Education Center oversees three Mukuru Education Centers with over 600 kids. The ongoing challenge the three centers face is the large number of children who want to join when space and resources are limited. There are not enough volunteer teachers to meet the needs of these children and more are needed. School supplies are sometimes received from volunteers and tourtists who come to travel on safaris in Kenya. Monetary donations go towards the construction of more classrooms and to hire more qualified teachers.

Joy House’s doors always remain open to volunteer teachers, donations of school supplies, new and used clothes and shoes, gently used or new laptops, toys and other suitable items, and new ideas on how the lives of these children can be improved through education.