Living Water Children’s Centre was founded by the Kimaro family in 2003. Today, 45 orphans and children from less fortunate backgrounds call it home. The Centre is located in the northern part of Tanzania in the Arusha region.

At Living Water Children’s Centre, we do not use the word “orphan” because all our children belong to the LWCC family and they are all brothers and sisters. The children address Mr. & Mrs. Kimaro LWCC as “Mum” and “Dad”; David and Walter Kimaro are referred to as “Uncle David” and “Uncle Walter”; and their caretakers are affectionately called “Aunty Rose,” “Aunty Eva” and “Aunty Rukia.” Most of our children come from sad and tragic situations of HIV/AIDS, broken homes, disabilities, assault and abandonment in Tanzania.

LWCC is a non-profit organization targeting the development and prosperity of the less fortunate. A slide show is available for any prior volunteers who would like to host a fund-raising benefit. For more information and for donations, please visit the website: www.livingwaterchildren.org

There are several options for sponsoring a child at LWCC. You can sponsor their education for $50 per month, their health care for $35 per month, or both for $85 per month. You can also make a monthly contribution of any other amount if you wish. If you would like to make a monthly donation please enter the name of the child or children you wish to sponsor (if you know it), the amount you would like to donate every month, and click on the donate button.


Or, if you would like to make a one off donation, please enter the name of the child or children that you would like to benefit (if you know it) and click on donate. You will be able to enter the amount on the next page.