Sherry Fine Academy

In 2007, while on a tour of a Masai Village in Tanzania, I came across a 17 year old local woman who acted as our guide. When I asked her about her plans for her future, she looked forlorn and stated that her dream was to become a teacher. That dream, she informed me, would never come to fruition as her father had died and mother was too poor to send her to the University. As a former educator, I volunteered to support her through school if she agreed to work hard to make her dream come true.

Four years later, upon graduation from Teacher’s College, Juliette Laizer received top honors in her class and set out to start a school in an area of Dar Es Salaam characterized by poverty and illiteracy. I was humbled to learn that she decided to name the school after me. Juliette continues to work toward achieving high educational standards for the children. Today, SherryFine Academy is a thriving school educating more than seventy youngsters between the ages of four and seven, many of them orphans. The school is supported by nominal fees and donations received through Living Water Children’s Centre Fund.